We support victims of domestic violance to positive living.

Regaining back your life is possible with Mental Wellness, reach out to us for all mental support.

Own your life again

The phrase “domestic abuse” is frequently used in UK laws and legislation to refer to a variety of domestic assaults. Together we can gain back our life that is violent free.

Domestic abuse can take different forms, including:

Together we can gain back our life that is violent free.

Our Mission

To make a difference to victim’s mental health and general well-being.

Our Vision

“We a community that values and supports victims of domestic violence on their path to Positive living”

Our Services

Emotional Support

We provide emotional and psychological support to all the victims of domestic violence.

Social Interactions

We offer social interactions to victims.

Money Advice & Debts.

Through the recovery journey, we provide financial advice and how to manage personal debts.

Individual needs assessment

We adopt a person centered approach to support victims

Victim Motivation

We motivated victims in the different aspects of life as way of regaining back their life styles.